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Travelling from LCCT Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur

by Yin on February 4, 2010

Arriving from LCCT to KL Sentral

Most tourist arrive from Air Asia LCCT terminal- just like in KLIA, as you come out, there will be people asking you if you want to take a taxi- more so if you are a foreigner.

One thing is praiseworthy about LCCT is that they’ve built up a good bus network to ferry passengers from locations around Kuala Lumpur- mainly between KL Sentral and Puduraya and the airport. The buses flow almost like water. There are about 3 different bus companies servicing the routes that will bring passengers to LCCT.  The journey takes about 45 minutes to an hour on non peak time.

If you take Air Asia and arrive KL, I do not suggest that you to buy the bus tickets first- even though in the flight the air stewardess will ask if you want a ticket. As you exit and pass Immigration and Customs, turn left when you reach the final exit and walk along the passenger walkway. You will pass McDonalds on your left- go straight and you will see lots of buses parked further down. Why is that is because you will never know which of the 3 different buses leaves first. The red bus- Skybus (RM9 for single journey per person) is the most popular because of the reliable bus schedule whereas the other 2 companies will leave only when the bus is full. But another company, Aerobus only charge RM8 for a single journey (LCCT to KL) but will leave only when the bus is full- if you go up and have a peep and noticed the bus is empty, don’t get on it.

The buses operate from 3.30am to 10.30pm daily. It is not 24 hours.

I recommend you buy only when you reach the place where the buses (tickets are sold there) are waiting.  This  is because there are a few times that the Skybus just left while I arrive at the bus area. Unless you don’t mind waiting about another 1/2 hr (sometimes 1 hr depending on the timing), then you can buy the tickets before hand.

The best place to take the bus will be to KL Sentral rather than Puduraya. Anyway, most of the buses go to KL Sentral- the route to KL Sentral is less congested compared to Puduraya. From KL Sentral, you have access to KTM Kommuter, Putra LRT (Kelana Jaya-Gombak) and Monorail (you have to cross the road to reach the monorail station).  From the train network, you can go to other routes that you want- that’s why the best is to book a hotel within walking distance from one of the train stations.

Skybus’s official website is http://www.skybus.com.my/

Departing from KL Sentral to LCCT.

Note that the buses to LCCT is on the ground floor.

Note that the buses to LCCT is on the ground floor.

Always go early to anticipate the possible traffic jam. The buses would take a route with the least traffic but during traffic peak hours and/or unexpected heavy rain could cause massive jam.  You need to check in about 2 hours before for international flight and the journey there takes about an hour.  Let’s say that your flight is at 5pm, you will check in about 3pm. So, you should be in KL Sentral bus station at about, say 1pm (in case you happened to miss a bus).

The Skybus and other express buses going to LCCT is located at the floor below the Kommuter and LRT stations.  The price of ticket for Skybus is RM9 and Aerobus is RM8.

The buses operate from 3.30am to 10.30pm daily.

Note: Even though Skybus has a schedule, if the bus is full before the time is up, the bus will still leave. For example, if rightfully the bus departs at 1pm, if by 12.45pm the 1pm bus is already full, it will leave anyway. They don’t allow passengers to stand on the bus all the way there- the tickets are sold right till the last seat- then the bus leaves.

Taking a bus to the LCCT is cheaper than taxi that costs more than RM70- depending on where you take it from.  And the buses are actually quite comfortable- just that usually, you have to carry your own luggage out of the bus’s luggage compartment- no bell boy service. And you have to sit with strangers if you are travelling alone because in order for the journey to make a profit, the bus should be full or almost full.

By the way, if you are hungry when around LCCT, you can either go to the 24 food court (further down than the buses) or McDonalds (usually very packed) at the main building. Of course McDs at the airport is more expensive than McDs in town. Other eating places are quite expensive- like a cup of latte that they press from the machine costs about RM7.  I usually pack bread and fruits like apples- sealed them nicely and put in my luggage- then eat them while waiting for the plane.  It is not proper to carry the strong smelling food like chicken rice and tuna sandwich up the bus- I don’t think the bus allow food to be taken up there in the first place.

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