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If you are in the vicinity of KLCC, you will find that the food, even those sold at food courts are ridiculously priced. However, there are 2 food courts in KLCC:

  • one in the middle near the cinema, and
  • another above Watson’s store.

Another option is to eat fast food like McDonalds which carries standard prices across the country (except in Genting Highlands).

Folks who work in offices surrounding KLCC normally choose to eat LUNCH at the following places:

Note that the places above is available for lunch time and mainly during weekdays. On weekends, the canteen in the temple is closed and a number of stalls in Wisma Central are also closed.

Food in Wisma Central

You can find delicious dishes, curry mee and other type of food being sold there.  Years ago, Wisma Central used to house offices and retail stalls but today, a number of them have been converted to restaurants. If you are not sure what to eat, or which restaurant to choose from, walk around (there are 2 floors) till you see something you like. Also, a good indication would be to visit a place where is packed- Malaysians are willing to wait for food so long as it is good food.

foodnearKLCC 1

Marmite chicken, taufu cooked in Thai style and another 2 dishes. Marmite chicken is my absolute favourite- I normally eat it with small chilies. All these dishes are taken with rice.


Above: Fish fried and sprinkled with ginger and other things. Really taste nice but a bit oily.

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If you like more spicy food, you can visit Pelita, located next to Wisma Central. The food is halal:

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  • I personally recommend the 4th floor foodcourt at Suria KLCC where visitors could sample the local Malay cuisines, from many states of Malaysia.
    Specifically I recommend the Nasi Beriani Johor (Malay Biryani). A beautiful traditional dish loved by the local and foreign visitors as well. It’s tasty, not spice hot, even young children love it.
    Have a good visit to KLCC..

  • sara

    Talking about briyani, there’s new restaurant called dapur kayu briyani recently opened at wisma central. Their lamb is good. Give it a try.

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