Klang Harbor (Pelabuhan Klang)

Custom-Places, Selangor

To reach Pelabuhan Klang, you can take the KTM Komuter train.  Once you reach the Pelabuhan Klang stop, you would be able to see the seaside.  Next to the train station is police station and next to it, would be a building housing the Immigration department (a place for Malaysians to make their passports).


Normally people get to Ketam island (Pulau Ketam) from here. The people staying in Pulau Ketam depends on fishing for their main livelihood. They will take boats- the motorised ones (not like those you see on top) to travel to and fro to Pulau Ketam. Klang valley folks go there to eat fresh seafood.


For me, there is a nostalgic feeling as I remember sitting here years ago with my best friend not long after graduation. The sea breeze were blowing as we pondered what to do with our lives. Things have changed a lot over the years- and both of us have been through a share number of our personal crisis and challenges.


One can just come here to relax the mind of it is too far to travel to Port Dickson in Seremban.


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